Sun Angel

Totally exclusive to Sunbeams in Crawley;

The Sun Angel is the latest in sunbed technology from Ergoline. Sessions will be charged at £20 for a 20 minute session, no less, no more. After placing a monitor on your forehead and under your upper inner arm, the Sun Angel will work out how much UV-A & UV-B you will receive during your session to ensure that you instantly receive a tan and this will be done without any burning or sensitivity.

This is the ultimate salon tanning experience. Sunbeams is the only salon for miles with such a state of the art tanning bed.

Feedback; In the first 5 1/2 days of operating the Sun Angel, we did 64 tanning sessions and the results were amazing, fair skinned clients are noticing a change of skin colour immediately and the darker client is coming out totally brown, head to foot.

Everyone enjoys the 20 minute session on this big Sunbed and with the Aroma,sprays and aircon and personal music player, it is the ultimate safe tanning experience.

For further information, call. 01293 887230/881723/885355

Video for the Sun Angel S52

This super advanced sunbed; with no risk of sunburn...

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