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Sunlight strengthens the bones; The biopositive effects of artificial sunlight has on our organism do not just apply to young people. There are even reasons why older people, in particular, can benefit from regular visits to a tanning salon.

Increasing numbers of elderly people are suffering from loss of bone calcium. The bones become porous and break easily. In old age, this may - after a femoral neck fracture for instance - result in the need for permanent care.

Osteoporisis is caused by a deficiency of calcium. Up until about the age of 30, calcium is stored in the bones and hardens them, however, it is also needed in other areas of the body. And if you don't get enough calcium through the food you eat, your body 'steals' it from the bones over a period of years, as a result, osteoporosis sets in.

This can be prevented with a calcium rich diet and regular sunbathing. When exposed to UV-B, the cholesterol in the skin is transformed into a D, within 12 hours, your body heat turns this D into Vitamin D

From October to March, the sunlight in our latitudes contains hardly any UV-B at all. Most of it gets lost in the atmosphere. As a result, the body's own Vitamin D production comes to a complete standstill during this period, notes Dr. Albrecht Falkenbach from the Gasteiner Hellstollen Sanatorium. The result, even if we eat a diet rich in calcium, our body is unable to process this valuable mineral.

Safe tanning on sunbeds, not just in the Summer but all year around will help to top up your much needed dose of Vitamin D which as you can see is so important for our well being.

Golden rules on tanning correctly;
You should not sunbathe if any of the following applies to you;

  • Non-pigmented skin type 1 or skin type 2 with freckles, unusual or large numbers of moles, a family history with many cases of melanoma, aged under 16 (18 yrs from April 2011)
  • pregnant women past their 3rd trimester (week 26).

Our insurers have a specific ban on pregnant women using Sunbeds. It is the clients responsibility to inform the salon if they become pregnant at which point the client record card and computer client record will be updated. Thankyou.

Good News for men; Saturday Mail, May 21st 2011;
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Leeds University research, recently carried out where they state the following " We have not found any evidence of a relationship between Sunbed use and the risk of Melanoma "

Leed University research results;

Three hours Sun a day halves breast cancer risk. Daily Mail, June 28th 2011;
Page 9, Spending three hours a day in the Sun can slash the risk of breast Cancer by up to 50 per cent, according to research;

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Some more benefits are;
Apart from a positive effect on bone growth and the increase in calcium supply to prevent osteoporosis UV helps to stimulate the immune system, reduces cholesterol levels, relieves depression, re-inforces the cardio-vascular system, there are high levels of therapeutic success in skin disorders, inhibits excessive cell growth, lowers blood pressure, activates the 'happy hormones' and reduces the risk of sunburn.


  • Always keep your eyes closed and always wear protective glasses throughout the tanning session, we supply 'wink-ease' and other eye protection free of charge.
  • If you are taking medication, read the packing slip or ask your doctor before your tanning session.
  • Do not use sun block on a sunbed. Remove all cosmetics (apart from special sloar cosmetics). Take off any jewellery before your tanning session.
  • Take good care of your skin before and after the tanning session to protect and preserve your beautiful tan. Solar cosmetics are especially suitable, as these products are especially matched to the requirements of tanned skin.

Always ask if you have any queries about your tanning, we are only too willing to help.

Would be Fathers should make the most of the next sunny day by taking off their shirts and topping up their tan. A study of 340 men found that Vitmain D (Through the Sun & Sunbeds), produced by the body when exposed to the Sun, boosts the quality of sperm.

They become better at swimming towards the egg, have greater speed and are more penetravive.

Please go on line and find the link to read the full story;

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