Under new management;

Sunbeams has been under new management since June 4th 2019. 

GDPR Data Protection Act 2018.
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From May 25th 2018, the 1988 Data Protection Act is being replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations Act and this will affect how Sunbeams deals with your personal information. Our policy is set out and on display in reception.

Sunbeams will NEVER pass on your personal information to a third party and all the information you provide when you sign our disclaimer is used only for the purposes of indoor tanning and kept safely within our internal software. 

All credit/debit card receipts are kept secure either in the salon or in an office.

We take the security of your information seriously and take all reasonable steps to keep it secure

Semi-permanent make up arrives at Sunbeams;
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Laura Price, our visiting semi-permanent make up artist/technician;

We are very pleased to announce that Laura Price of will be joining us from May 14th 2017. She will be running a nice introductory offer, details to follow. Contact the salon for further details/information and to book.

Examples of some of Laura's excellent work.

We are extremely pleased to announce the order of two brand new Ergoline stand up tanning machines which will be with us early in April 2016. 

New range of excellent tanning lotions from Australian Gold in stock but only while they last.

New Microdermabrasion treatment with Cathie;
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Body polishing (exfoliation) using Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion which improves dry skin, cellulite, cracked heels, dull skin and also detoxes the skin. 

Starts this week, April 20th, £200 only which includes bleaching trays & 4 bleaching syringes. Contact the salon to book please. The images shown are clients who have had very successful results;

Xtreme Teeth Whitening result;

Thanks Eva for the very nice words, another satisfied client;
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I've just seen it thankyou so much, you are all so helpful and lovely, Im new to the area to since Dec' and the girls at sunbeams have been gorgeous to me, they are your sun angels.

Lack of Sun linked to Dementia;  - Scottish Daily Mail - 19/1/2015

More good news on indoor tanning;   21/4/2015.

Some fine words from some of our lovely clients;

Another 5* star review for Sunbeams and the girls.
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Went to the shop yesterday as it is down the road from my work and had great reviews and I can confirm they are well deserved reviews. The girls are lovely. I was given a complimentary Sunbed intensifying cream which was a nice new customer treat. I was also given a pretty pink bag full of information about treatments they provide, with a few cheeky sweets in the bottom. Little things like this make it a really nice customer experience, one I've never had at a sunbed shop before. Also, I forgot facewipes and the girls kindly allowed me to use theirs. As for the beds, the tubes were powerful, all in working order and clean. I used the stand up bed, I went for 8 mins. I changed colour after 1 session which is what we all want really isn't it. I've already booked my next sunbed and will be popping down there shortly. Thanks girls. Really lovely shop.

We love this sort of thing, thanks Abbie;
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Lovely experience at Sunbeams Tanning salon today, I would highly recommend it to anyone, the staff seemed really friendly and willing to guide you through your tanning experience. Thank you very much, Abbie. xx
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Thanks Abbie, much appreciated. —

Got acrylic nails done here,  the best I've ever had and they were only £20! Hannah did my nails and she was bursting with personality,  such a laugh. Would definitely recommend and I'll be going there from now on!

Lovely friendly team, great products and services :) x

Who doesn't like all year round sun ?

Staff are really friendly, Debbie is really helpful! Very clean and good facilities, I'd highly reccommend to anyone.

Amazingly friendly and helpful staff. Happy to help you find the best bed and tanning lotion for you too :)

Would like to say a huge Thank you to Little Deb! and Helen who were so helpful when I came in last week. Sun Angel is fab for my Vit D deffiency. xx
 You guys have been absolutely amazing and fi and debs have never failed to brighten my day! Without a doubt the best salon for miles and the best service anywhere! Xxx
Loving the Sunangel...BIG fan 

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Ask the girls in reception for the wi-fi key, its free to use for our clients.

Sun Angel website;

More good news about the affects of Vitamin D;

Helps beat symptoms of asthma, see link below.

Vitamin D v Asthma.

Step change in tanning coming to Sunbeams end of May 2013;
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At the end of May we will be re-tubing our Ergoline 660 Affinity with new EU compliant 0.3 tubes which will usher in a new way of thinking when it comes to Sunbed use, Sunbed tubes and the tanning process.

Essentially the 0.3 tubing allows for longer safer tanning which gives a much more natural longer lasting colour without the risk of burning or redness as the UVB output of each tube is lowered and therefore takes the risk of burning out of the equation. 

More information will be published on this and the new pricing system. Clients will need to spend longer on the Sunbed so we will be reducing the per minute price for the 660 to 90p as from Friday May 31st. 

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More good news published regarding taking the Sun;

How basking in the Sun can lower your blood pressure.

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Facebook, 'Sunbeams Tanning & Beauty'

Research into Sunbeds by Leeds University - Good news;

Good news on Sunbed use following research by Leeds University; Please access the link for the full report. They

report that they found no evidence of a relationship between the use of Sunbeds and the risk of Melanoma.

Leeds University research results;

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New Sunbed courses and loyalty scheme from October 22nd, 2012.

In celebration of our new salon software we will be introducing a new Sunbed Course arrangement where our clients

can purchase 6 sessions and receive 1 free and purchase 10 sessions and receive 4 free. We believe they are the

best courses around so make the most of them. 

New Loyalty card scheme.

All our clients will receive a 'swipe' card which will calculate when you are due a free session on your favourite


News on changes likely to affect the Cosmetic Industry in the UK which Sunbeams fully support;

New report suggesting most Americans lack in Vitamin D.

Link to a report via

Staying out of the Sun can wreck your health.

Vitamin D news & research.

Click here for our Offers

A new tanning product on our shelves at £2.50 a shot.

The TANSHOT Tan & Beauty Drink is a new and delicious drink for the intensification of tan and care of skin. Special active components like Beta Carotine, Aloe Vera and Vitamin A intensify your tan and take care of the skin from the inside whilst sunbathing with artificial or natural UV ligh
t. (Does not contain Sunscreen). Furthermore other additives like Tocopherolacetat act as an active component of the vitamin E group and Retinylacetat as an active component of the vitamin A group, support this process. Make the Tanshot Tan & Beauty Drink your essential companion at every short stay in the sun or visit to the tanning salon. Enjoy the delicious taste and experience the positive effects of the added active components.

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