UV Tanning

Please note, as from April 2011, the minimum legal age for using Commercial Sunbeds in Salons will rise from 16 yrs to 18 yrs and this will be enforced by Sunbeams staff.
The four main elements we rely on for our lives and well being are air, water, earth and sunlight. If we take any of those forces away, then quite simply we would not exist. There would be no life without sunlight. Sunbed lamps simulate the sun and emit UVA and UVB but they go a stage further and control the output with a balance of UV to minimise the risk of burning and maximise tanning.

The benefits of tanning and the positive effects of UV are;

  1. A feeling of well-being, confidence and attractiveness which, in turn, encourages activeness.
  2. There are benefits to those who suffer from skin complaints such as scirosis, eczema and acne.
  3. UV light stimulates Vitamin D3 which helps to strengthen bones (see more on the News page )
  4. Exposure to light also helps to alleviate mild symptoms of Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D)
  5. Who doesn't feel better with a tan ?

How do I get a tan?

  1. The skin is exposed to UV light.
  2. UVA stimulates Melanin cell production
  3. Melanin cells move towards the skins surface
  4. Melanin oxidises upon reaching the skins surface and tans under the influence of UVB

Skin Types;

Skin type 1 - Cannot achieve a tan, even with repeated exposures. People with this skin type should not avoid the sun and rely on fake tan lotion or full SPF protection. (2% of all Central Europeans) - People with this skin type will not be able to use our sunbeds.

Skin type 2 - Can tan, but will only generate a light brown colour. Steady tanning is the key with careful attention to exposure times. Using an accelerator or amplifier will help to create a deeper tan. (12% of Central Europeans)

Skin type 3 - Tans easily and profusely with normal exposure. Care still has to be taken to ensure that you do not over expose yourself to strong and pro-longed tanning. (78% of Central Europeans)

Skin type 4 - Is extremely pigmented even without ultraviolet exposure. With a natural tanned look, a weekly tanning session will keep the bronzed look. (8% of Central Europeans)

At Sunbeams you will receive the best guidance on your skin type and how best to obtain a lovely skin colour on one of the following Sunbeds; Ergoline S52 Sun Angel , Ergoline 660 Affinity, Ergoline 600 Avantgarde, Ergoline 300 Classic, one brand new Ergoline 350S and our stand up units the Sunvision V200's . All with excellent tubes. Price's start at 40p per minute up to £1 per minute.

See our prices page for more detail.

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